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Friends of Pendock (FOPS)

FOPS (Friends of Pendock School) are a group of parents, carers, grandparents, governors and staff who give their time to create better learning experiences for our children at Pendock. As well as raising much-needed funds that help improve our school, the social events we run bring the whole community together.

Why not get involved?

Don’t be put off if you feel you don’t have much time, haven’t been asked or are unsure what’s involved. We have parents who work part-time and full-time. Any time you can give is welcome. Having a child at this school means you can join us. We can use any skills you have and you might learn new ones.

Being involved is a great way to get to know the school and other parents and equally have some fun!

Come along to FOPS meetings to help organise upcoming events. The date of the next FOPS meeting is always in the school newsletters, and meetings are usually held straight after school to make it easier for parents to attend. If you are unable to attend you can put forward any ideas/suggestions via the School Office.

If you’d like more info please contact:

  • Suzanne Massey (Chair)
  • Anna Boylan (Vice Chair)
  • Stacey Prosser (Secretary)
  • Vicky Phelps (Treasurer)